If a company that has any professional connections with you has any cars, we offer you to contact with us and get commercial offer for the car service and repair. Depending on the agreement we could transport your cars to our service and any place you need. Standart procedures and technical services won’t take more time than we will agree with you. Price of parts and services is a negotiation. As well we can agree to delay paying for the services for your convenience. When possible, your car will have priority right for the service. Don‘t wait for the moment  when you have to think to which service you should go and call us on +37062366453, write us on or at our facebook account.

Companies that trusts us:

  • UAB Airoventa 

  • MB Laurenta

  • UAB Info namai

  • UAB VMV Group

MB Bamservisas

Rolando Jankausko g. 6C, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 623 66453

Call: +370 623 66453