Executor - MB „Bamservisas“, 304456157, adress Rolando Jankausko st. 6C, Vilnis

Customer - phisical or juridical person, who orders car service and/or repair at executor workshop.


1. Quality warranty term is granted for service and products is 6 (six) months or 25000 kilometres.

2. Warranty term starts at the time, when parts ar installed in the car, services are granted and sold. Warranty is valid just with buying-selling documents.

3.During the warranty term, parts, assemblies or joints which were replaced by the executor and became impossible to use by their primary purpose or lost it‘s funcionallity are replaced by new parts or repaired. Executor has its right to chose the cheapest way to eliminate the deficiency- replace it or repair it, if it has no influence on it‘s quality.

4. For applying quality warranty term, the customer must contact the executor. The expences are not refunded if the customer didn‘t contacted the executor to inspect the faults.

5. Warranty is granted just for new parts, which are bought and installed at Bamservisas workshop.

6. Warranty is granted just when other parts, that are connected with damaged are intacted and meets its technical requirements, the vehicle has no mechanical defects, car‘s body geometry is not damaged.

7. Warranty is not granted when parts wear out in their natural conditions and for parts with friction materials (brake pads, clutch disk, tires and other surfaces).

8. Warranty is not valid when buying- selling document is not presented.

9.The customer pays inspecion and repair expences if the warranty quality case was not confirmed or/and when new defects are found.

10. Warranty is valid just when oddometer parameters are recorded on repair order or VAT invoice.

11. Limited (1 month) warranty is applied for partial (warranty for whole system is not valid), fuel systems, electrical motors, other controlling devices, electrical systems, window wipers, turbochargers and their repairs.

12. In warranty case, just the certain part is refunded(as shown at the buying- selling document) and it‘s replacement. Random or side losses are not refunded.

13. Quality warranty is not granted if the replaced part failure appeared:

13.1 Car was operated not by its purpose, for example- speed limit was exeeced, the car was overloaded.

13.2 Car was operated not by its purpose, for example- serial car was used for motorsport, passenger car used as a load transportation car.

13.3 The fault occured because because of other reasons, which are not connected with the executor (chemical, electrochemical, electrical impacts, natural disasters, fires, car accidents or third party impacts.



13.5 Warranty is not granted for restauration works, restaurated parts, spare parts, which were bought at second hand and for new parts, which were delivered by the customer.

14. The client must give the company required time for warranty procedures- inspect, eliminate the faults, get the required parts.

15. Quality warranty doesn‘t include direct or indirect damage the custemer received. The executor is not commited to refund other expences which are connected with vehicle fault: car rental, broken car transportation, driver‘s accomodation expences, lost revenue due to car downtime, production downturn, etc.

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