Mandatory technical inspection is just around the corner? Thinking again where, when and how to perform this procedure? Feeling anxiety about your car at the inspection station? Rely your car to us and continue your journey with no worries.


Register to mandatorytechnical inspection via Bamservisas on the internet  or by phone andat the certain time leave your car to us.

We will inspect Your car by ourselves

We will give all the information about Your car condition

If there are any problems with your car, we will arrange estimate repair price and contact with You

We will repair the car


Take your car to the technical inspection station and ensure smooth and fair inspection


We will give back the car with valid technical inspection

The service takes 0-3 working days, depending on your car condition

Mandatory technical inspection organizing price - JUST 20 €*

*Mandatory technical inspection priece fee is not included in the price

MB Bamservisas

Rolando Jankausko g. 6C, Vilnius

Tel.: +370 623 66453

Call: +370 623 66453